Hotel Elysées Flaubert Paris

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The location of the hotel has the twof old advantage of being close to the business centre of Paris,the Palais des Congrès and also being close to some of the foremost tourist attractions in the capital: Champs-Elysées, Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, Arc de Triomphe.
The hôtel Elysées Flaubert not only provides you with an entrée into the Paris everyone knows and loves – the Paris of famous museums, chic boutiques and trendy restaurants, it also introduces you to an everyday Paris.

A world which combines the thousand different colours of the stalls on Rue Poncelet with the scents of the bouquets of flowers for sale on the Place des Ternes.

A world where the most contemporary of retail outlets are tucked away behind magnificent Second Empire or Belle Epoque facades.

The hôtel Elysées Flaubert also introduces you to an everyday Paris.

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